Whole30: Week 1

Whole30: Week 1

  For the next month I am committing to a Whole30, along with a group of people at my gym.  Though I normally eat a pretty Paleo-ish diet, this next 30 days will be a more strict protocol, with the goal of eliminating some pretty 

Paleo Challenge Recipes

Paleo Challenge Recipes

My gym is starting a Paleo challenge on September 3rd.  Great timing right?  I got a week off from my Whole30 before diving back in!  I’ve had an ok week, but definitely have had some consequences after eating too many cookies one day (5?  6? 

Day 30!!!

I did it!  Today is the last day of my Whole30 challenge.  Yay me! I asked my husband last night if he truly thought I could do it.  His response:  I knew you could, I just didn’t think you would. And he was right.  The 


I’ve hit the half-way mark of my Whole30, and because I’m not a fan of multiple exclamation points and super-happy diet and nutrition claims, I will not be making the following statements: 1.  I’ve lost XYZ# pounds/inches in 14 days!!!! 2.  It was so easy!!!! 

What I Eat in Real Life

A few friends have commented that I normally eat a close-to-Paleo diet, so why the Whole30 challenge?   This is very true, I generally don’t eat grains in any form, dairy or legumes.  My biggest issue is the added sugar, in the form of my 

What Am I Eating?

The most common question I’ve gotten since announcing my Whole30 is, “What are you eating?”  Or the flip side of that is, “What are you not eating?” You can check out my menu posts to see what our dinners look like at our house, but