I’ve hit the half-way mark of my Whole30, and because I’m not a fan of multiple exclamation points and super-happy diet and nutrition claims, I will not be making the following statements:

1.  I’ve lost XYZ# pounds/inches in 14 days!!!!

2.  It was so easy!!!!

3.  I feel amazing!!!!

4.  It’s changed my life!!!!

Ok, so I just made those statements, and used way too many exclamation points.  Let me explain:

To be perfectly honest, the first statement is true.  I have lost weight and inches, but that was not the entire goal of my Whole30.

The second statement is somewhat true.  Since I eat a pretty clean/Paleo diet regularly anyway, it hasn’t been hard to keep up with these last two weeks.   And the last statement kind-of follows along….my life really hasn’t changed that much.

So that leaves the third statement, which I really wish was true.  However, I do not feel amazing.  I don’t feel terrible, but amazing isn’t the right word either.  Most of the time I feel good, bordering on really good.

After a few conversations with some trusted gym-friends, along with some reading, I believe I’m past the carb-flu stage (which I don’t think I had much of anyway) and am now in one of two places (probably both):

1.  I need to tweak my carbohydrate intake to support my daily activity.  I don’t like keeping track of calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc, but am glad I did for a few days earlier this week.  My carb intake (from veggies and fruit) was on the very-low carb side, which could be contributing to some lingering fatigue.  So I’ve upped my veggie intake and I feel a lot better.

2.  My poor body is still trying to figure out how to function without its daily dose of Coca-Cola.  And this frustrates me…..not that I “can’t” have my soda anymore, but that I got to a place that my body was dependent on a food-like substance rather than food.   I want my energy to come from good, healthy, whole foods.  I do not ever want to be in a place where I’m dependent on a soda (or any other food-like drink/snack/meal replacement) just to get through my day.  A bad habit that has lasted years is going to take longer to un-do than I hoped, but that’s ok…..I’ll get there.

There’s more to this story…..a few temptations I’m proud to have resisted, one or two instances where I may have had a bit of a temper tantrum because I wanted a tortilla chip, soda, ice cream shake or beer (oh man….a beer sounded sooo good the other night), and even several days that I didn’t miss any foods or drinks at all and was hugely satisfied by my Whole30 menu.  Those good days are getting  more and more common.

So here’s to 14 more days of good, healthy whole foods!  I’m sure by the end of the month, I’ll feel amazing!!!!

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