What Am I Eating?

The most common question I’ve gotten since announcing my Whole30 is, “What are you eating?”  Or the flip side of that is, “What are you not eating?”

You can check out my menu posts to see what our dinners look like at our house, but below is a list of the basic items that will be part of my daily fare while on the Whole30:

1.  Lean cuts of meat (beef, chicken, pork and seafood will be in rotation for me)

2.  Eggs

3.  Lots and lots of veggies, steamed, roasted, raw, etc

4.  Some fruit

5.  Some nuts and seeds

Now, I like to focus on what I can eat rather than what I can’t, however, what I’m not eating is the list that causes most people to cringe:

1.  Grains, not just gluten, but all grains.  This includes wheat, corn, oats, quinoa and rice, and any other grain that does or does not contain gluten.

2.  Dairy.  No cheese, milk, cream (or non-dairy creamer), yogurt, etc.

3.  Legumes….no peanuts, soy, or beans such as black, pinto and kidney

4.  Added sugar or artificial sweeteners

5.  No processed food-like products

These are the basics of what I’m eating and what I’m avoiding.  I’ll be back in a few days with an update of my first week, which so far, hasn’t been too hard, except for those fresh tortillas at Rosa’s after church on Sunday.  Oh my goodness…..those were hard to resist!

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