Happy New Year!


Yeah, I know it’s November 1st, not January 1st, but today got me thinking…..

How many times have you hit this time of year, standing right on the edge of the holiday season, feeling helpless as you stare into your future of parties, gift shopping, family get-togethers, marathon cooking and baking sessions, sleep deprivation and over-indulgence?

Raise your hand if you simply shrug your shoulders and shift into survival mode……which means you put yourself last on your list, making time for every activity other than taking care of yourself.   You’re so busy managing everything (cookies and presents and parties, oh my!) that you stay up too late then load up on caffeine to get through your day, skip your workouts, give up on grocery shopping and cooking, and don’t carve out time for the people that really matter to you.

Yep, this is me, every year.  I endure the holiday season, rather than enjoy it.  Sure, there are some fun moments, but those seem to be overwhelmed by the busy-ness, and I find myself on January 1st ready for it to be over, in need of a detox, with a long list of New Year’s resolutions.

What if this holiday season could be different?  What if skipping workouts, eating with abandon, having that extra drink at the party (or at the end of every day), and falling into bed exhausted each night didn’t happen?  What if that all-too-common list of New Year resolutions was shorter because I’d stayed active, indulged in treats without going overboard, got a decent amount of sleep…..and didn’t have the tired and bloated hang-over that usually follows the holidays?

I’m not saying I need some big all-or-nothing cleanse, diet or organization overhaul for the next few months.  I’m saying, what if I focused on just a few habits each week…..a few bare minimums that will keep me feeling healthy and sane?

So I’m sketching out a few bare minimums for myself……just a few things that will help keep the crazy to a minimum, and keep me feeling more rested and happy throughout the next eight weeks.  I’m not saying it’s a fool-proof plan, but I’m hoping that if I stick to it most days, come January 1st, my jeans will still fit and I won’t be a zombie needing a 3-day nap.  Oh, and my list of warm and fuzzy holiday memories will far outweigh anything else.

Who’s with me?

Follow along as I’ll be posting more info here, as well as on Instagram and the Real Food for Real Life Facebook page.


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