Menu Monday: 1/21/12

It’s (finally!!!!) a beautiful day here in North Texas and I have a few windows open in an attempt to air out my germ-infested home……would you believe I still have sick kiddos?  Just as I get one back to good health, another one goes down.  I am past the point of frustration and tears and have moved on to laughing at my kids when they say their tummy hurts, nose is stuffy or feel achy all over.  Yep, I’m winning Mom of the Year for sure.

But life goes on, and so does the menu planning.  Yay!

Monday:  Mexican Soup and a Big Salad

Tuesday:  Bacon-wrapped Chicken, broccoli and cauliflower puree

Wednesday:  Chicken Bites (recipe posted soon!) and roasted butternut squash

Thursday:  Pot Roast and mashed cauliflower

Friday:  Spaghetti (pasta and squash) with home-made Meat-Tomato Sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts

Wish me luck this week…..I’m hoping to get all my kids healthy and back to our normal routine.

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