Menu Monday: 9/24/12

Last week got away from me.  I had a plan, posted it on my fridge, then stuff happened…..good stuff, but stuff that messed with my plan.  So the plan was ditched and we kind-of rolled with the punches.

This week I’m planning to stick with my plan!  We’ll see how long it lasts…..

Monday:  Stuffed Peppers (from Practical Paleo) and Pazoggi (roasted spaghetti squash with tomato sauce)

Tuesday:  Steak Tacos and Spanish Cauli-rice

Wednesday:  Bacon-wrapped Chicken and Sauteed Spinach

Thursday:  Chili with Cauli-rice

Friday:  Left-overs

I have high hopes for the stuffed peppers on Monday….not sure my kids will like them so I’m making the spaghetti and sauce as back-up, as well as to have on-hand for lunches throughout the week.

What’s for dinner at your house???



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