Kids Take Over the Kitchen Sunday

My mom cooked dinner pretty much every night of the week.  Even if only a few of us were going to be home for dinner, she’s whip up a casserole (she was the Queen of Casseroles!), a veggie, maybe a side salad, and open a can of peaches or pears for dessert.  Left-overs were put in the left-over dish to wait on the stove for any stragglers.

Except Sundays.  I don’t really remember her cooking on Sundays.  She might heat up some leftovers, maybe make BLT’s.  And sometimes she made liver and onions with peas for just herself and my dad (because there was no way we kids were going near that stinky plate!), but there really wasn’t much cooking.

I’ve decided to carry on that tradition and we’ve started Kids Take Over the Kitchen Sunday.  Partially because I’m just flat tired of cooking by Sunday, but also because I want all of my kids to figure out how to make themselves a decent meal.

For now this looks like toast or a sandwich for most of the kids.  Avery makes a really good plate of scrambled eggs.  Riley and Avery can manage waffles or pancakes, and Carson is starting to show a tiny bit of interest in cooking, especially if it involves making tacos.  Reese just loves to stir things up (literally and figuratively).

So tonight we’re going to work on a list of things the kids want to learn to make and come up with a rotation so that each kid gets the opportunity to cook a recipe of their choosing for family dinner.  I think we’ll cook up a full meal every other week or so, and the alternating Sundays will be “fend for yourself”, meaning, the kids make what they can for themselves with whatever they can find in the fridge or pantry.  This will most likely be Greek yogurt with granola or peanut butter toast…..which I am just fine with as long as I don’t have to make it!

I’ll post stories and pictures as the kids start making their first meals…..there are bound to be epic messes and great successes.

When did you learn how to cook?  What was the first meal you remember cooking?

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