Weekly Menu: 2/2/2015

I made two new recipes last week, and neither received rave reviews.  They weren’t terrible, just not anything I’d probably make again, at least not in exactly the same way.

This week I’m sticking to some old favorites:

Monday:  Bacon-wrapped chicken, roasted cabbage, sautéed greens

Tuesday:  Dinner out for my daughter’s birthday.  She’s chosen Buffalo Wild Wings….yum.

Wednesday:  Breakfast (probably eggs and bacon, maybe a frittata)

Thursday:  Pork Ragu, roasted cauliflower

Friday:  Chicken soup (making two different recipes, this one, and this one)

Saturday:  Leftovers

Sunday:  My youngest wants to cook dinner, though she’s having a hard time with her menu.  I’ll keep you posted!

I did a bit of prep on Sunday, making sweet potato hash for breakfasts, a big pot of chili for lunches, and chopped up a lot of carrots for snacks.



Linking up with a recipe round-up here.

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