Menu Monday: 1/16/12

Last week’s menu worked out well for us, though we did switch around a few of the days.  That’s the beauty of planning my menu in advance and shopping for all the necessary ingredients:  I have everything I need for each meal, so I can switch things around if I need/want to.

Monday:  Chili

Tuesday:  Chicken Gruyère

Wednesday:  Balsamic Pork Chops

Thursday:  Shepherd’s Pie

Chicken Gruyère  is a repeat from last week….my Tuesday got away from me last week so we skipped it.  My kids LOVE chicken Gruyère, so it’s back on the menu for this week.

I didn’t make plans for the weekend because I’ll be out of town (at my high school reunion-20 years-eek!).  My husband will be on his own with the kiddos….he’s great about cooking for the kids so I’ll leave him some options and let him decide what he wants to do.

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