Menu Monday: 7/30/12

This is the end of day three of my Whole30….I’ll post an update soon.  For now I’ll just say that days one and two weren’t bad.   I hit a bit of a wall this afternoon, but I’m feeling better this evening and am looking forward to a better tomorrow.

During the Whole30, my menu plan won’t look much different than it usually does.  Our dinners are pretty much dairy, grain and legume free anyway.  I’m just going to work on adding more veggies to the mix.

Monday:  Sirloin Dijon (a variation of this recipe from Everyday Paleo) with rainbow chard (from my local produce co-op) and roasted brussels sprouts

Tuesday:  Chicken Parmesan with tomato sauce, spaghetti squash and a big salad

Wednesday:  Jambalaya (new recipe from PaleOMG) with steamed broccoli

Thursday:  Steak Tacos (lettuce wraps for me) and baked sweet potatoes

Friday:  Country-style pork ribs with various veggies from the co-op.  I still need a recipe for the ribs…..any suggestions?

My breakfasts are very predictable, several hardboiled eggs and some fruit or scrambled eggs with onion and kale, chard or spinach.

I’ll be working more on planning ahead for my lunches.  Left-overs are pretty standard for me, but I also tend to nibble my way through the lunch hour, or not really eat at all, which is not good.  So I’ve got some left-over bacon-wrapped chicken in the fridge, along with some deli sliced turkey.  I may make a batch of Mexican soup to have on hand as well.

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