Our New Home

Cassidy and I are currently at our desks, typing furiously, trying to write posts about this week’s events…..our not-really-big but not-so-little-move (you can read his post here).

It’s been about six months in the making, and we are so relieved to have finally moved out of the home we lived in for 12 years, and into our new home.

It wasn’t an easy decision to move.  We loved our house, our neighbors, the whole neighborhood.  When we moved into the house our oldest had just turned one year old, and we thought we’d have maybe one or two more kids over the next few years, maybe even upgrade to a bigger house.  We had plenty of space, a great location in town, a beautiful pool…..it was perfect.

Fast forward 12 years, and we have four kids and no desire for a bigger house. Instead, God had started moving us in a much different direction.

To make a long story short, we moved to a smaller house, but with more land.  We have a chicken coop (and three new hens!) and plans for a greenhouse for my husband to build a larger aquaponic system.

The house is a fixer-upper and definitely needs some love and updating, but we’ve made a (LONG) list and have started checking things off.

Our kids have really enjoyed the land, almost 2 acres, a pond, and just a 15 minute hike out the backyard to the lake.

It’s going to be a work in progress for some time, but isn’t that how life works out anyway?

As my kids tucked the chickens into the coop for the night, Cass and I laughed at where God has led us.  I never thought I’d end up in Texas, with four kids, living in the “country”, watching my kids chase chickens.  But we are content and happy and so excited about this new adventure for our family.

As we continue to settle in, I’ll get back to menu posts and more recipes.

You can also follow our adventures on our Facebook page:  Southlake Family Farm.

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