Vegetable Victory


Roasted broccoli is my favorite way to eat broccoli…..I love the brown, crispy edges of the broccoli, the slightly sweet flavor, the crunch. Unfortunately, my kids don’t love it. They much prefer steamed broccoli, especially my youngest.

But an interesting thing happened tonight.  I made chili for dinner, which all my kids love and eat without complaint, going back for seconds and thirds, so I decided to make roasted broccoli, hoping to capitalize on their good moods.  I served up the usual amount for each kid, roughly what I’d expect them to eat if it were steamed, and lo and behold, my youngest gobbled it up.  This is the kid that had pushed away roasted broccoli on multiple occasions, turning up her nose and flat refusing to eat it.

And tonight she ate a large serving without a complaint…..and, she said it was good.


This is why I continue to serve a variety of vegetables over, and over, and over again. I truly believe that kids need to be exposed to flavors and textures repeatedly, for them to learn wether or not they honestly like or dislike the food.

I don’t believe that my kids will ultimately learn to like every vegetable I serve, however, victories like tonight’s keep me optimistic that their list of approved vegetables will get longer and include a larger variety.

Have you had any veggie victories lately?




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