Weekly Menu: 1/11/2016

Monday:  Stuffed Peppers (a version of this)

Tuesday:  Tomato Braised Balsamic Pork Chops, Roasted Cauliflower

Wednesday:  Marilyn’s Chicken Soup, Salad

Thursday:  Steak Tacos/Lettuce Wraps

Friday:  Leftovers or Out

Prep work:  On the Sunday prior to the week starting, I’ll be making a veggie-filled frittata to have for breakfast all week (I love Everyday Paleo for frittata ideas).  Since I’ll already be prepping veggies, I’ll go ahead prep the veggies I’ll need for the rest of the week:  carrots, sweet potatoes and onions for Monday’s peppers, and the carrots, celery and onion I’ll need for Wednesday’s soup.  I’ll also slice a few pounds of carrots for my kids to add to their lunches or for snacks.  A few extra minutes on Sunday will save me lots of time the rest of the week.

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