Weekly Menu: 11/3/14

It’s been far too long since I’ve written up a weekly menu!  We’ve entered the few months of the year that all four of my kids have an activity going at the same time, and of course that coincides with the holiday season, so we’re gearing up for a bit of crazy around here.   Menu planning has to happen if I’m going to avoid making tacos or eggs every night, as well as the drive through.
I’m also working on increasing our veggie intake as cold and flu season ramps up.  The better we eat, the better we feel….so that means lots and lots of veggies.  Wish me luck as I try out some new recipes, which I’ll be sharing soon.

Monday:  Minestrone (loosely based on this recipe), salad

Tuesday:  BBQ pulled pork, roasted cabbage,

Wednesday:  Breakfast burritos, roasted butternut squash

Thursday:  Chicken soup, salad

Friday:  Grilled sausage, steamed broccoli, salad

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