Weekly Menu and Prep: 1/16/2017

(Chicken Tacos…..in a bowl)

Monday:  Egg Bowls (recipe to come…basically sautéed vegetables with eggs fried or scrambled to mix in)

Tuesday:  Sesame Garlic Beef (like this, but with roast instead of ribs), Steamed Broccoli, Roasted Cabbage

Wednesday:  Chicken Tacos, Salad

Thursday:  Dining Out….my daughter’s birthday dinner!

Friday:  Pig in a Skillet (a version of this), Sautéed Greens, Carrots

Weekend Prep:

Start with the Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash for Monday’s egg bowls. Chop into uniform pieces (all similar size), drizzle with olive oil, add salt and pepper, and roast at 400 degrees about 30 minutes, stirring half-way through.  They’re finished when they’re starting to get brown and crispy.  Let cool then store in fridge.

While those are roasting, work on the rest of the veggies…….

Onion:  chop 1-2 medium onions and store for the week

Romaine/Salad Mix:  chop for chicken tacos

Carrots:  chop into sticks for snacks, to add to salads, and quick dinner side

Radishes:  chop for salads

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