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Weekly Menu:  4/2/2018

Weekly Menu: 4/2/2018

Monday:  Slow-Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Salad Tuesday:  Burgers, Roasted Brussels Sprouts Wednesday:  BBQ Pork Sliders, Salad, Carrots Thursday:  Enchiladas (ground beef and spinach), Street Corn Salad (similar to this, I skip the mayo and serve it hot) Friday:  Leftovers

Managing My Migraines

Managing My Migraines

See that coffee cup up there? Usually the decaf box is checked, but I have a migraine today, so I ordered it with all the caffeine….and here’s why: I’ve had migraines since I was a kid….the earliest I remember having them was about 4th grade. […]

Weekly Menu:  3/26/2018

Weekly Menu: 3/26/2018

Monday:  Sesame Chicken, Rice (regular and cauliflower), Steamed Broccoli Tuesday:  TBD (might have plans with in-laws) Wednesday:  Sausage and Brussels Sprouts, Carrots Thursday:  Chicken Tacos, Salad Friday:  TBD (daughter’s birthday party)  

Weekly Menu: 3/19/2018

Weekly Menu: 3/19/2018

Monday:  Stuffed Potatoes (filling is the shepherd’s pie filling from this book) Tuesday:  Chicken Bites, Shredded Brussels Sprouts Wednesday:  Spaghetti Casserole (similar to this, using a mix of pasta and squash), Caesar Salad Thursday:  Stuffed Cabbage Soup (with extra veggies added) Friday:  Leftovers or Breakfast […]

Weekly Menu:  3/5/2018

Weekly Menu: 3/5/2018

Monday:  Taco Casserole, Carrots Tuesday:  Sesame Chicken, Rice (cauliflower and regular), Steamed Broccoli Wednesday:  Baked Ziti, Caesar Salad Thursday:  Steak Tacos, Salad Friday-Monday:  out of town** **I’m leaving Thursday morning to head out of town for a long weekend, so I’ll be setting up some […]

Weekly Menu:  February 26, 2018

Weekly Menu: February 26, 2018

Monday:  Grilled Chicken and Sausage, Roasted Butternut Squash, Steamed Broccoli Tuesday:  Green Chili Pork Stew (from this book), Rice (regular and cauliflower), Carrots Wednesday:  Marilyn’s Chicken Soup, Salad Thursday:  Spaghetti (pasta and spaghetti squash) with Meat Sauce (with added veggies) Friday:  Skillet Pork Chops with […]

Mid-week Menu:  February 21, 2018

Mid-week Menu: February 21, 2018

Monday:  out of town Tuesday:  Tacos–brown 1.5 pounds ground beef, add chopped peppers and onions, then 1/2 cup water and 4 tablespoons taco seasoning. Wednesday:  Chicken Parmesan–similar to this, but skipping the flour/breading and wine.  Serving with spaghetti (pasta) and spaghetti (squash) and a salad. […]

Weekly Menu:  February 12, 2018

Weekly Menu: February 12, 2018

Monday:  Grown-up SpaghettiO’s (yep, you read that right), Salad (with this dressing), Carrots Tuesday:  Chicken Shawarma (trying out a new version of this recipe…hoping we like it as much as our usual) Wednesday:  Chili (trying a new recipe recommended by a friend) Thursday:  Chicken Tacos, […]

Weekly Menu:  February 5, 2018

Weekly Menu: February 5, 2018

I’m running a little late with my menu planning this week, which means I’m tempted to not even make a plan.  But two wrongs don’t make a right…..can I get an amen?  So I sat myself down and made a plan for the rest of […]

Weekly Menu:  January 29, 2018

Weekly Menu: January 29, 2018

Monday:  Grilled Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli Tuesday:  Southwest Shepherd’s Pie (a version from this book, with extra veggies) Wednesday:  Chicken Corn Chowder, Salad Thursday:  BBQ Meatloaf (a version of this), Roasted Cabbage Friday:  Our (birthday dinner for my daughter)