Menu Monday: 9/1/13

Last week was the first week of school for my kids and they were completely wiped out every night……which means they had used every last bit of their energy being kind and respectful at school, and I got the leftovers.  By dinnertime they were a mess, and our kitchen table was not a happy place at all. Breakfast for dinner on Monday was a huge hit, however, the rest of the week went downhill pretty quickly. The meals I had planned for Tuesday and Wednesday went over like a ton of bricks……though I think I could have served ice cream and my tired kids still would have complained and refused to eat it. I totally scrapped Thursday night’s recipe and we went out to dinner. I cannot for the life of me remember what I made Friday night, but thankfully the BBQ on Saturday was well received.

All that is to say that sometimes my menu plans are a complete and total flop.  I should have picked crowd-pleasing family favorites last week, rather than the kale-filled soup, the “pie” that none of the kids enjoy, or the new recipe that sounded completely foreign to them.

As for this week, it has the potential to be harder on the younger kids as it’s their first week of all-day school (last week was 1/2 days, just three hours long).  So I’ve selected super easy family favorites……except for Tuesday, though I’m pretty sure that once they take a bite they’ll like that one, too.

Monday:  Steak Tacos

Tuesday:  Chicken Cacciatore

Wednesday:  Chicken Soup

Thursday:  Chili

Friday:  Out***

***The kids are staying with their grandparents Friday night which means a night out for my husband I to celebrate his birthday.  Yahoooo!



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