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Weekly Menu:  10/15/2018

Weekly Menu: 10/15/2018

(yes, those magnets are farm animals….well, the back-side of farm animals…a fun gift from one of my kids)   Monday:  Marilyn’s Chicken Soup Tuesday:  Pork Ragu, Roasted Potatoes, Mashed Cauliflower Wednesday:  Lettuce Wraps (similar to this) Thursday:  Vegetable Soup and Grilled Cheese

Weekly Menu….on a Wednesday

Weekly Menu….on a Wednesday

Yep, posting my menu on a Wednesday, because that’s the kind of week I’m having…..running late and a little crazy, but it’s all good! Monday:  Leftovers/Out Tuesday:  Kielbasa and Brussels Sprouts Wednesday:  Tacos (ground beef), Black Beans, Salad Thursday:  Shawarma, Cucumber/Tomato salad Friday:  Grill…or we 

Weekly Menu: Sticky Note Version

Weekly Menu: Sticky Note Version

Over the weekend I planned a whole menu and penciled it into my planner, but come Monday morning I thought, “nope, that’s not what I want for dinner tonight.”  So I rearranged some things and now we have the sticky note version.  Enjoy! Monday:  Spaghetti 

Cook Once, Eat Twice:  Pulled Pork

Cook Once, Eat Twice: Pulled Pork

My basic slow cooker pulled pork recipe is one of my faves…..not only is it delicious the day you make it (served with a crunchy cabbage salad and roasted sweet potatoes), but it easily fits into several other easy meals.  Make the pulled pork on 

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is one of the easiest and most versatile things you can make and have on-hand in your kitchen.  Buy a 3 to 4 pound pork roast, cook all day in your slow cooker, then freeze it in meal-sized portions to use for later 

Weekly Menu:  9/24/2018

Weekly Menu: 9/24/2018

Monday:  Chipotle Chicken Tacos (similar to this,) Salad Tuesday:  Pot Roast (from this book), Roasted Potatoes Wednesday:  Stir Fry (maybe this, with added broccoli) Thursday:  Chili, Salad

Weekly Menu:  9/17/2018

Weekly Menu: 9/17/2018

Monday:  Sloppy Joes (this recipe, adding chopped spinach and grated sweet potato), Salad Tuesday:  Shredded Pork Tacos (inspired by this recipe), Cabbage Slaw with Marinated Onions Wednesday:  Dirty Cauliflower Rice with Smoked Sausage Thursday:  Stir Fry (chicken and broccoli) Friday:  Pot Roast

Weekly Menu:  September 10, 2018

Weekly Menu: September 10, 2018

Monday:  BBQ Pork Sliders, Roasted Broccoli Tuesday:  Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taquitos (from this book), Veggies and Salsa for dipping Wednesday:  Zucchini Meatballs with Marinara and Pasta (spaghetti and Banza pasta, from this book again), Salad Thursday:  Chicken Tacos, Salad, Sautéed Corn (similar to 

Weekly Menu:  September 3, 2018

Weekly Menu: September 3, 2018

Monday:  Chipotle-Garlic Chopped Salad (from this book), adding roasted chicken Tuesday:  Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (spaghetti and zoodles), Salad Wednesday:  Chipotle Tortilla Soup (from this book, again!), adding roasted chicken Thursday:  Sausage and Brussels Sprouts, Carrots

Weekly Menu:  August 27, 2018

Weekly Menu: August 27, 2018

Monday:  Shawarma (with pita, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta/dill dressing) Tuesday:  Mac and Cheese, Salad, Carrots Wednesday:  Lasagna (from this book), Caesar Salad, Thursday:  BBQ sliders, Roasted Cabbage Friday:  Leftovers