Weekly Menu: 10/24/2016




Because I am participating in the Whole Life Challenge through November 11, all of my menus will be compliant with their Lifestyle nutrition level.  Any ingredients in the recipes I link to that are not compliant with be omitted or substituted.




Breakfast Plans:  Scrambled eggs and fruit most days, might make some sweet potato hash Sunday to have the first few days of the week

Lunch Plans:  Once again, leftovers will be lunch most days, along with a salad or two, or maybe some chicken- or egg-salad

Dinner Plans:  (my kids picked out this week’s menu, so you may notice a few non-typical menu items)

Monday:  Chicken Parmigiana (inspired by this), carrots and Ranch dressing

Tuesday:  Burgers and Homemade Mac and Cheese, roasted broccoli

Wednesday:  Chili (not the spicy kind), corn bread, salad

Thursday:  Pad Thai (I need a recipe for this….any suggestions???)

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