Menu Monday: 8/6/12

6 Aug
Here’s the plan for this week! Monday:  Balsamic pork chops, roasted cauliflower and salad Tuesday:  Burgers with pico de gallo and guacamole, salad and watermelon Wednesday:  Braised chicken thighs with leeks Thursday:  Slow-cooker ribs and roasted cabbage Friday:  Leftovers (if ... Read more »

Easy Popcorn

5 Aug
Did you know that you can make your own microwave popcorn at home with just a few, simple ingredients?  It’s super easy, super yummy, and less expensive than buying the pre-packaged varieties. Here’s how: First, melt 2-3 tbsp butter in ... Read more »

What Am I Eating?

31 Jul
The most common question I’ve gotten since announcing my Whole30 is, “What are you eating?”  Or the flip side of that is, “What are you not eating?” You can check out my menu posts to see what our dinners look ... Read more »

It’s Time

27 Jul
We’ve been on a journey the past few years at our house, slowly but surely adding more and more fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods to our family diet, and removing those food-products that are packaged, processed and nowhere near their natural ... Read more »

Menu Monday: 4/29/12

30 Apr
Here’s our dinner menu for the week.  Stay tuned for a separate post for lunches. Monday:  Favorite Chicken and Big Salad Tuesday:  Pazzagi and Meatballs (pazzagi is my 4-year-old’s new word for spaghetti…and in this case it’s spaghetti squash) and ... Read more »

Favorite Chicken

27 Apr
Grilled chicken is a family fave at our house, and this is currently the most requested version.  It’s super easy and super fast….a great weeknight dinner when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.  Cook up a lot ... Read more »