Paleo Menu Plan

I teach a Paleo basics nutrition class (skim to the end of this post for the basic idea of Paleo) at my local CrossFit gym (CrossFit DFW), and put together a sample menu plan for a recent presentation.  Though I don’t usually plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day of the week, this is pretty close to what ends up happening at my house anyway…..having leftovers for lunch, using the same vegetables in several meals so I only have to prep them once, making crockpot meals on our busiest days.

I’ve talked before about why I menu plan….this week I’ll post more specifically about how I how menu plan.  Really, it saves my budget, health and sanity to have it planned out ahead of time.  Knowing I’ve got all the groceries covered for the next week means one less to-do on my list….yay!




  • Breakfast:  Leftover Sweet Potato Hash
  • Lunch:  Scrambled Eggs and Fruit
  • Dinner:  Darn Good Chili, Big Salad (salad greens with lots of chopped veggies:  carrots, radishes, cucumber, etc)
  • Snack:  Beef Jerky and Fruit



  • Breakfast:  Scrambled Eggs and Bacon or Sausage
  • Lunch:  Deli Turkey Lettuce Wraps
  • Dinner:  Chicken Taco Salad (make this chicken, then add to a big salad)
  • Snack:  Hardboiled Eggs and Fruit



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