Weekly Menu: 1/5/2015

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and are settling back into the usual routine, whatever that looks like for you.

My kids go back to school tomorrow (Tuesday), and I think we’re all ready for business as usual at the farm.  The break was nice, but even the kids have said they’ve missed their school friends and the routine of school.

And I’ve missed my usual menu routine.  I’ve been winging it for far too long, which means we’ve been eating some form of a taco/burrito (chicken, pork, beef, egg) almost every day for at least one meal.  It’s definitely time to make some other family favorites, as well as try out some new recipes.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday:  Chicken nuggets (from this cookbook), roasted Brussels sprouts (follow this recipe), carrots

Tuesday:  Meatballs and roasted vegetables

Wednesday:  Pork Ragu, steamed broccoli

Thursday:  Balsamic Chicken and Sausage, roasted cauliflower

Friday:  Leftovers


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